Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Summer in the city.

Life moves outside in the summer, even in Ulaanbaatar and there are bars on pavements and outside buildings. I have spent the last month in UB, tomorrow I head out to west Mongolia, - Hovd and Uvs. Meanwhile some pictures of city life.

In June Mongolia won their first ever game in the World Cup, beating Myanmar 1 - 0; unfortunately they lost the return leg 2 - 0.

The week after the football there was a folk festival in UB when musicians from all over Mongolia travelled to perform in UB. It was absolutely brilliant, there are video clips here

Then last week was Naadam, the mongolian National holiday, for the first time I went to the opening ceremony.

and on the third day of Naadam it was national costume day.

I managed one notable trip to the countryside to see three siberian cranes, for pictures go to

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